Submitted by jono on 12 Jan 2018.

I'd been hoping to sail continuously - that is whenever possible - and just doggedly push on through winter. But that isn't how it's worked out.

Once onto the North Spanish coast progress really slowed. A combination of factors caused that:

Submitted by jono on 22 Dec 2017.

At Gijón I met up with Montse and Iñigo who had received and were taking care of a replacement for the original sail. Turbo GT one was very nice indeed. Turbo GT two is truly beautiful!

How did Turbo GT one fare?

I have some experience of sail lifespan experiments. 10+ years working at a Mediterranean sailing centre, and 98 days for the Round Britain adventure on a Tushingham Bolt. Both experiences gave me a good idea of what to expect...

Submitted by jono on 20 Dec 2017.

Llanes to Gijón. 41 nautical miles. The final sail of the original Severne Turbo 9.2. We've come a long way - from the Arctic to Asturias. This last sail it completed with two fresh holes - the films just don't have anything left now, the UV has done for them. Nice to give the sail a proper send off though. Even feel a bit nostalgic. New sail tomorrow.

Submitted by jono on 27 Nov 2017.

Light winds today but a smaller swell. A sail, paddle, sail, paddle day. Moved from San Sebastián to Getaria, and had company :)

Submitted by jono on 26 Nov 2017.

I'm now in Spain, have been for a few days, but haven't got far. In my imaginings - often an unreliable source - the Aquitaine coastline of France - that's the long straight bit heading south - was going to be particularly difficult to get past. But the weather was more favourable than I could have hoped for, help came my way from wonderful contacts, and additional humbling kindness arrived spontaneously. Good fortune smiled on me, the fog cleared, and I made hay while the sun shone all the way to the border.

Submitted by jono on 16 Nov 2017.

Had a few tough days lately. Tough as in with a significant element of fear. They are interesting. There is a pattern in they happen and in the response.

I never seek these days. They either can't be avoided, or happen because I've misjudged the challenges of the day: wind, current/tide, swell, coastline/water depth profile... Tough is usually either a struggle to get to land, or a struggle to make a landing.

Submitted by jono on 05 Nov 2017.

Staying with good friends Ian, Solenne and Lily-Rose at La Rochelle and taking the opportunity to inspect / reinforce / repair / replace gear that has worn, which is basically everything!

Very necessary to do this as only 1/3 distance completed means 2/3 still to go, and the gear needs TLC to keep it going. While I try to be gentle on kit, sometimes conditions means that the going is quite brutal. And the number of hours sailed accounts for premature ageing of all gear (and probably myself too - but hey, no point saving yourself for a tomorrow that is never guaranteed...).

Submitted by jono on 23 Oct 2017.

You never know what the day will bring. Today was good miles, a small problem, a quick repair, and an unforeseen barrier...