Submitted by jono on 20 Dec 2017.

Llanes to Gijón. 41 nautical miles. The final sail of the original Severne Turbo 9.2. We've come a long way - from the Arctic to Asturias. This last sail it completed with two fresh holes - the films just don't have anything left now, the UV has done for them. Nice to give the sail a proper send off though. Even feel a bit nostalgic. New sail tomorrow.

Submitted by jono on 27 Nov 2017.

Light winds today but a smaller swell. A sail, paddle, sail, paddle day. Moved from San Sebastián to Getaria, and had company :)

Submitted by jono on 26 Nov 2017.

I'm now in Spain, have been for a few days, but haven't got far. In my imaginings - often an unreliable source - the Aquitaine coastline of France - that's the long straight bit heading south - was going to be particularly difficult to get past. But the weather was more favourable than I could have hoped for, help came my way from wonderful contacts, and additional humbling kindness arrived spontaneously. Good fortune smiled on me, the fog cleared, and I made hay while the sun shone all the way to the border.