Vasiliki to Kyparissia

Submitted by jono on 24 Sep 2018.

A few days out of Vasiliki now and already a wealth of experiences that have got away from me without being told... Here's an attempt at a catch up.

20th September - end of day: Antisamos Beach, Kefalonia

Enjoyed my stay at Vasiliki, but once rested and having received the more heavy duty bag that Aquapac sent there for me to pick up, it was time to go. Average distance covered falls off a cliff if you don't sail... Thanks to Doug (ex Minorca Sailing colleague) now Ocean Elements for sorting a room for a few days, Paul for reinforcing job on the mast where the cams wear, Polly and Andy for a heavy drinking session (it's all relative), Rachel for coming from Clacton, Alex for photos, and Mark for company and nourishment :)

Once out of Vasiliki bay found decent wind to cross to Kefalonia. Sailed halfway up the channel between this island and Ithica. Very nice and very wild - like Norway but warm. Very nice peaceful spot to camp on beach. Gentle lapping waves.

21st September - end of day: Skala, Kefalonia

No wind, sailing futile, but put a good effort in with the paddle to reach south end of the island. Quite a big crossing tomorrow and want to be well placed to pick up breeze in the channel between islands. Touristville here so easy to find my favoured pita souvlaki for dinner, but loud music with some bloke chanting "I can't get no sleep" all night. Oh the irony...

22nd September - end of day: Kourouta

Wind comes late and angle no good for the shorter crossing. 18nm to the mainland seems a bit of a gamble for a while, but at 14:30 in comes a breeze to ease the doubts. Say hello to a baby turtle. Cup it in my hand to take a picture. Poor defenceless thing. It's their planet too that we're screwing. Cutting out the plastic bags is a token effort but a worth it effort nonetheless.

The mainland is continuous beach. Easy stress free sailing when you can land anywhere. Sail until sunset. Say hello to a holidaying German couple upon landing.

23rd September - end of day: beach, 1km short of Tholo

Big breakfast with Angela and Hans the German couple. Danke. Good way to start the day. Derig, patch up new holes in sail, re-rig, then sail when the wind comes at midday. Round a small headland then very big bay with continuous beach and good wind. Some parts with houses that either are or soon will be falling into the sea. And that's without the now inevitable sea level rise. The rich will divert the wealth of all to build defences for themselves. The poor will lose everything. Just a guess. Hard to see a better world when climate change shit hits the fan...

An hour before sunset the wind shuts down completely. I struggle an extra 500m then give up. Here will have to do, and it is a nice spot. 1km away there is a very pleasant Taverna, and on the walk along the beach to get there I pass a turtle nest.

24th September - update penned at Kyparissia

Full moon. Check on turtles but no hatchlings. Decide to sail now on the land breeze rather than get stranded and baked in the morning sun. Good wind, intermittently. Nice sunrise. Fun at night but prefer daytime. Paddle the last bit to Kyparissia. Tasos from the Taverna yesterday said there is a mini Eiffel Tower here. Sightseeing time.



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