Postcards: departure from Georgia

Submitted by jono on 18 May 2019.

Guide to pictures

[pic 1] Fisherman Vaxo totally rescued me after an exhausting effort to reach Batumi: shower and bed on board, and the best tasting salami and butter I can remember.

The next day's ferry to Ukraine was "full", or at least a ticket wasn't going to be sold at "short" notice, so I had a few days in Batumi waiting for the next one. When Vaxo took leave from his boat I also left, not wanting to impose.

[pics 2-5] Found a pram base to get to and on to the ferry. Quite a long walk. Needing to take most of the gear weight on my arms to protect the flimsy wheels.

First day of the voyage a migraine hit (predictable given level of tiredness and release from stress having successfully boarded the ferry).

[pic 6] Next day enjoyed the three meals on board and was happy to at least have a view of Crimea. Know already that if it were to become viable I would like to return to complete this part.

  • on board Vaxo's fishing boat - totally done for after a big effort to reach Batumi
  • pram base was a useful find...
  • ...for the journey to Batumi port
  • just a bit further to go
  • once on board: relax
  • on deck next day, recovered, Crimea in background
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