Submitted by jono on 09 Apr 2018.

Getting behind on my thankyous again. Just do it Dunnett. First a proper thank you to Jorge from Windsurf Oza, and an arrival pic from last week or whenever it was I took up residence.

Yesterday was a pretty decent sail: Playa de Oza (A Coruña) to Malpica. Upwind tacking all the way, fairly lumpy - seriously considered turning back whilst still in poor wind inshore; but further out the wind a very correct 10-22 knots; calmer seas in the lee of the Islas Sisargas. Getting in the mouth of the smaller ports is rarely a breeze (no real wind, very real lumps) but getting into Malpica - first port on the Costa do Morte - was OK.

Didn't have anything sorted for sleeping but friends in A Coruña were on the case and at 01:00 Neli came to pull me off the concrete dock and give me a bed, some stories I'll save for another time, and a lucky garlic.

Today I was geared up to sail but all advisors were advising against. Mental anguish for a couple of hours until I gave it a go and got about 50 metres beyond the harbour wall in no wind, fell off a couple of times in the confused sea and decided the risk of no wind and 4m swell beyond Cabo de San Adrian wasn't a sensible one. Headed back. Zero miles.

Felt sorry for myself for a bit, but aware that turning back is a useful skill too. It really is the mental side that is a struggle more than the physical. Met Tono from Buceo Malpica who told me interesting and sobering true stories and offered the dive centre to stay until conditions improve.

Saw dolphins this morning making today a double good luck day. I'm counting the garlic. Not superstitious but on this coast hell best take any help coming. Luck today probably was getting put off heading out further - trying to get downwind without wind in a big and confused sea is about as tricky as it gets...

Still can't be far from A Coruña because Team Oza coming for beers tonight! Stormy seas on the way might as well enjoy their passing!

Gracias a todos!

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