Italian wind and plastic

Submitted by jono on 12 Aug 2018.

Ironic really, posting a video of great wind when most of the time I'm really struggling for breeze...

Also a bit ironic how in recent posts I've posted pretty pictures but neglected to mention the plastic, that is in the Mediterranean as much a part of the sea as the actual life. The water's beautifully clear, but whilst I see literally thousands of items of plastic each day - far too many to count or collect - it is far from clear that the sea is teaming with life. Lately, just a few leaping anchovies and fin-flapping flying fish fry (the sunfish and ray in the video are a bit misleading, as were filmed up on the border with France).

Plenty of beautiful and undeveloped coastline, which is a nice surprise, but the Italian tourist seemingly pretty uninterested in the single use plastic problem, much like the Mediterranean norm. Ban it. Or at least put an inflated minimum charge on everything single use.

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