Cabo Estaca de Bares

Submitted by jono on 29 Mar 2018.

Rounding Estaca de Bares, Spain's most northerly point. A fishing boat gave me an encouraging blast of their fog horn in the lee of the cape. Then the rain came and obscured all company and sight of land. I sailed out for sea room, until the shadow of a eastbound ship came into view, then tacked for the eventual shelter of the port of Cariño, tucked in behind the next point. Despite the grimy weather, conditions were good and fast. Perhaps I should have gone further - there was time enough - but the spiky outcrops of Cabo Ortegal; the rain that complicates navigation and chills the body; and the natural angle that could be sailed, all made Cariño a more appealing choice. Bad weather now for a couple of days. I'm with Sam, Mel and Lorena - Galicians with a Cornish accent, and Martin and Luis. All friends of Caroline and Rufo from last week. Tucked away in this green valley there's a distant but audible howl of wind, and Cabo Ortegal will still be there when conditions calm down.

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