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I chose to play it safe on Friday rather than risk an encounter with approaching Storm Hugo. When it looks OK, choosing not to sail can be difficult. In the event some pre-frontal gusts came through that made me happy to have stayed put, and when Carolyn and Rufo turned up too and offered help my day was officially made. Lovely company, delicious cooking, a shower and a warm bed. Bliss. Today we went to check the waves at Vialvélez harbour, which I sailed past on Thursday afternoon.Finally away! A better sleep last night thanks to Alfonso the fisherman letting me stay in his store. This morning it looked OK to take the one-way ticket down the Nalón to the sea. A helpful adrenaline fix readied me for the current assisted drift to open water and it felt great to be away!
Sailing was light and lumpy, and I fell a lot, partly out of lack of practice on a loaded board.
25nm later the "green and red with no white between" of a safe harbour entrance tempted me in. Puerto de la Vega is very pretty little harbour. Big swell arriving Friday/Saturday according to some local surfers, meaning I should try to end up somewhere sensible tomorrow...I flew in to Asturias airport yesterday, and enjoyed the walk to San Juan de la Arena and reunite with Pepe the harbourmaster and my gear. The rest of the day was spent dodging showers whilst applying UV blocking clear film (to each side of the window panel) and stickers (courtesy of C3 Imaging, Colchester) to my rather beautiful and very new Severne Turbo sail.
It was a rough night under the sail. The terrain here specializes in swirling and switching winds, so multiple times the sail flipped over and I got rained on. By morning a coffee was needed. I left the gear nicely seated in thick grass, pinned down by the now stiff breeze and with good space all round. Returning after breakfast I noticed the kit had moved - upwind. Strange. Close up I see the sail with rip and puncture marks matching a nearby fence. "Oh bother". It could have been worse. I de-rig and go in search of shelter from the hail (a blast from the south this time) to do a careful repair with spare Insignia sticky sailcloth from my supplies.
Reasonably content with the salvage job, I take a detour to the end of the river Nalón rock breakwater. It's very windy - a good thing I didn't sail today. 
Returning to the kit I work a strategy for sleeping tonight: heavy things holding sail flat down and I'll crawl in underneath. 
I'd left the board upside-down in overgrown grass. Now it's rocking about on tarmac near enough river to make a jump for it! Where's the damn poltergeist around here?! Once again, the damage could have been worse, and I have materials to patch things up.
Not quite the restart I was hoping for. Ultimately these have been mistakes of my own doing. Pleased to still be in the game, and once the breeze backs off a bit I hope a few miles are there to be had this week.Opening pic from article in Windsurf Magazine UK makes me smile and think of Norway and Norwegian friends. Weather here looking much better for a restart next week #hurtigruten #msnordlys #starboard #severnesails #windsurfroundeuropeFully fit and itching to get going again now! As soon as the low pressure in Biscay clears out I'm on it! Don't want to move too soon and be stuck straight away... Gear is at Sant Juan de las Arenas, near Gijón, North Spain being looked after by Pepe the harbourmaster. "No come nada," he tells me :)Starboard Phantom 2018?! Expedition ready. Merci Mathieu!No stopping options on that last stretch but now safely round to the east side of the Quiberon peninsula :)Vuurtoren Ouddorp lighthouse in Holland, from a sandbankIn water selfie at Zandvoort. Thanks for help Vincent and "The Spot". Repairs, headwind and tired limbs meant didn't get very far today, but all miles count!Late finish to reach Den Oever but very nice conditions to stay out. Thanks to Jelly and Oopa (names approximate!) for hospitality on their boat :)Langeoog: sand sunblock for sail. Forecast looking good so happy to relax and recharge batteries today. #severnesails #logo ;)Helgoland. A bit of a gamble to get here yesterday before dark. Remarkable island in many ways. Apparently the gannets moved here when Bass Rock (Edinburgh) ran out of space.