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Russian submarine going through the BosphorusBosphorus. Thanks to @edhem for piloting. More: back in Istanbul for a few days now. With a huge amount of logistical support and tactical knowledge from @edhem and Turkish Coastguards we sailed the first part of the Bosphorus today. The current is crazy (north to south, like the wind!)!
More difficult than I had expected!
Some breathless commentary by Turkish TV! voyage in 15 pictures... much deliberation...
I’ll sail Turkey and Georgia as far towards Russia as I can get, but without pushing against the flow of politics. Then I’ll look to “close the loop” by making it back to where I started in north Norway, by bicycle.
Updated plan details AND a white Christmas. Really getting into the festive spirit now...'Tis the season to indulge, in Turkish rock. Not a good look! Sunset was better. Happy Christmas everyone :)New sail arrived. Run out of Greece. Turkey tomorrow.
= Whoooah! WTF is that big scary thing on beach?? After (to other dogs)
= Hey! Stay TF away from my windsurf!!Yoghurt! Flamingo flavour. Cold nights, slow days, lots of kindness, and a coastline to enjoy these last 100 miles of Greece.Single digit mileage brings compensations. Still chipping away...Mt Athos the last finger. Worst 'port' ever (=a cave). Next day swell and yuk. Coastguard  came and said OK to stay at monastery. Night with the monks. About to set sail again :)