Submitted by jono on 10 Aug 2017.

Today was a perfect day. Beautiful weather, scenery, met many friendly and kind people, ended up at a delightful little place called Grundsund.
I'm a bit tired to write much, so will scribble a few postcards instead...

Submitted by jono on 08 Aug 2017.

Last night in Norway. As this chapter closes and another begins I can't help but feel somewhat melancholic. Norway and her people have been so kind to me. I've been accepted and welcomed at all ports. Generously supported by native Norwegians and other nationalities who have made this country their home too. Material support, and also the precious gift of time. Some history explained; a collection revealed; a walk or drive shared. I owe so many thank yous.

I hope I have learned from you.

Submitted by jono on 06 Aug 2017.

Decent progress to Stavern. Exciting sailing with a fair sized swell and skerries all over the place. Before that - in behind Jomfruland - managed to cheat a bit with a free ride. Good day!

Submitted by jono on 03 Aug 2017.
Submitted by jono on 29 Jul 2017.

Upwind sailing these last days on open coastline without protection from swell. Yesterday I sailed a few miles with contact Alex, before leaving him with a couple of Snickers bars and wishing him good luck getting home. I probably made it to land before him. At a headland which turned out to be surf spot 'XY'. There I met off-grid campers Gerard, Anna, Bic and Sara who were kind enough to include me in their barbecue and the drinking of their not inconsiderable alcohol supply.

Submitted by jono on 23 Jul 2017.
Submitted by jono on 17 Jul 2017.

The Hornelen mountain sea cliff is the highest in Europe. There were moderate strength downdrafts coming down off it, but nothing compared to the previous day's battering (on approach to Grindøy). Once past the wind shadows there was some great upwind sailing going west out of Frøysøen. Despite the rain I really enjoyed the sailing. A bit of a battle. You soon get used to being what initially feels like being overpowered, and it is only really the corners that are more difficult. The final shower is just before reaching Florø.

Submitted by jono on 13 Jul 2017.

Being 'on expedition' is a very full way of living. Every day is an unknown and unfolds in a unique way. Sometimes the day is filled with spectacular scenery, others it is shrouded behind mist or low cloud. Plans form as the breeze fills and are reshaped as it wanes. Sometimes the sailing requires full attention, other times it allows the mind to wander.

And the support! Everywhere I land, through social media, messages, from all directions, borders on overwhelming. People are good. That's a conviction I had anyway, but is only reinforced by each passing day.

Submitted by jono on 10 Jul 2017.

Louise and Morten finally got rid of me, and out on the open sea it was rough and windy. To limit exposure I headed up channels where possible, eventually ducking under the main bridge of the Atlantic road and quitting for the day at Vevang. Seemed like I didn't get far considering the effort (!) but content enough with day: nothing broke, a few more miles to the good, met nice people wherever I landed :) and found the 'bålhuset' (community fire-place house) to rest up in.

Submitted by jono on 07 Jul 2017.

Light winds and the sailing has been a bit of a slog these last few days. It looked like a straightforward run up Trondheimsleia - inside the islands of Hitra and Smøla - but end of day 3 and I'm still 45k short of Kristiansund. Am running low or out of key supplies - coffee, oil for cooking fish, toothpaste, anything with vitamins, midge repellent (!), beer(!) - so am determined to put in a good effort tomorrow to reach significant civilisation.