Submitted by jono on 15 Nov 2018.

By heading north I escape the swell and move onto a low and sandy coast. Still very little wind but nice for paddling. Chance meetings and spontaneous kindness on the way. Ilias insists I can't sleep on the beach and puts me in a hotel room, Dimitris gifts me a poem - Ithica, by Cavafy - that has such beauty, and - I guess - offers reassurance:

Submitted by jono on 07 Nov 2018.

30th October - end of day Agiokampos

Early start with a following wind to cruise down the sound between Euboea and the mainland. A group of three bottlenose dolphins come near then fall in behind. They are cautious rather than shy, and don't swim straight lines, so I throw in plenty of gybes to fit in better. A very peaceful encounter. After 45 minutes they break off to investigate a fish farm nearer to the rocky coastline. I follow, but am distracted instead by the many egrets in the treetops. In Greece, where there are fish farms there are egrets.

Submitted by jono on 30 Oct 2018.

Sunday 21st - Monday 22nd October - last days at Varkiza

I hang on for a couple more days at the event site. Amongst the nations represented are Russia (competitors and coaches) and Turkey (jury member) and there is an opportunity to make some connections. To Tatyana and Pinar, I stumble an explanation of the plan: a Russia to Russia solo windsurf, a route going south on the Black Sea coast, an objective to reach Sochi.

Submitted by jono on 20 Oct 2018.

12th October - end of day Hydra

A few hours upwind sail to the island of Hydra. Easy conditions, but have a silly fall whilst checking phone, and put some new holes in the sun damaged sail. Oh well, more clear than ever that a third sail will be needed, and have Insignia repair cloth to patch this mess up once on land. Stop at a beautiful spot on the car-less island of Hydra. Good conditions here - pebble beach, fresh water - to make a nice repair, and time enough left before dark to hike up the mountain behind the hamlet.

Submitted by jono on 11 Oct 2018.

Friday 5th October - End of day - Elaía

Have become quite fond of Kokkala, but there's an opportunity to get away from what is a slightly awkward corner. Safest launch - that bypasses a windless shorebreak - is to throw sail in off dock and follow with board.

Submitted by jono on 10 Oct 2018.

Decent sailing wind again so this a very brief update. Now into the Aegean and sailing up the east side of the Peloponnese into the Meltemi (NE) headwind. The coastline is stunning! Impressive scale, beautiful, and minimally populated. It really does remind me of Norway apart from being a) warm (no complaints) b) having more solid wind (yeah!) and c) having a river of debris running parallel to the coast. It's not just plastic, but plastic is everywhere in this flow-of-stuff down the coast.
Hope for a fuller catch-up soon.

Submitted by jono on 04 Oct 2018.

A difficult few days. Headwinds make even short distances a challenge, the coast is either jagged limestone shore or shear cliff. The very few landing spots require long detours into windless dead-ends. Spectacular and remarkable, but not easy!

Submitted by jono on 02 Oct 2018.

24th Sept - continued... End of day: Pylos

Search for the Kyparissia Eiffel tower. "Wrong town," says the sandwich bar guy, but helpfully provides directions (and a link https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SBB1Z02RFmA) to the real not-real thing, a few miles up the coast. Excellent sandwiches (I go plural), and nice to exchange a few words :)

Submitted by jono on 24 Sep 2018.

A few days out of Vasiliki now and already a wealth of experiences that have got away from me without being told... Here's an attempt at a catch up.

Submitted by jono on 18 Sep 2018.

Welcome to Greece. Had a few low profile days in Corfu. Then made a front door entrance in the middle of Kalavostasi beach, meaning I met lifeguards Ioannis and Lazarus - and I couldn't have met nicer people. Next day I landed late and slept rough again, but in the morning almost the whole town of Vrachos beach showed up with coffee, breakfast, then lunch. Wind came before dinner arrived, so sailed to Lefkada, and met with Guy and Justine - french sailors first encountered along the Portuguese coast. Nice to reminisce a little :), they first spotted me at Nazaré...