Inching south

Submitted by jono on 14 Aug 2018.

A few slides. Slow miles these days. Apparently this section only sees 5 knots winds. Sounds about right apart from when the storms hit and all hell breaks loose!

  • A few days ago, Cabo Palinuro receding into the distance, a very healthy 40nm covered
  • Eventually reached Marina di Camerota. Thanks Josep and translator Maximilian - pictured
  • Next day a small crossing to Maratea. Nearly there when a fire spotter boat comes to check I am OK. Thanks guys for the smiles and the beer once back at port
  • Maratea. With very light wind and some jobs to do I took a rest day
  • Keeping gear and body running is part of the challenge. Washed up bamboo was used to bridge this split. Dry and watertight now :)
  • Moving again with an early start, and alternating paddle and sail... This is a few miles out of Maratea, where a morning land breeze falls out of the valleys, but between valleys there is zero wind
  • Afternoon breeze and nameless scenery drifting past
  • Slow miles, but need to keep upright to keep moving. Reached Cittadella del Cabo by end of day for a perfect beach camp
  • End of yesterday. This quickly developed into a major squall
  • I touched land maybe 90 seconds before the downpour started, having reached the first sailing club I have seen in days... Inexplicably good luck with the timing, again. Pic with fellow drowned rat Rodolfo at Il Club Nautico Paola
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