Blog becomes Log

Submitted by jono on 30 May 2018.

I'm making a subtle change. Blog is becoming Log. A lost consonant to reflect the reality of how the voyage is unfolding. Voyage? Expedition?

The why and how of recording this nautical adventure had never been quite resolved. There's the wish to communicate to others aspect - more blog-like; but also the wish to record for the sake of recording side - more log-like.

A blog carries the presumption of a certain minimum weightiness, length or importance. Not so for a log - where a few lines will suffice. Before this change many shorter postings were only ending up on Facebook. The intention now is to have all updates - however brief - appear on the website itself. For those who wish to access updates without accessing Facebook, that should now be easier.

Plus, it just feels more me. I'm a logger not a blogger.

I'll continue posting to FB too of course, not least for the commenting ability this allows. Though not every comment is replied to or liked, all are appreciated.

For today:


Really lovely people at Cartagena Real Club de Regatas. Various visitors, lot of 'well dones' and requests for photos. All quite overwhelming so I headed out to sea followed by José and Div 2 windsurf guy (sorry, name?) taking photos from a boat. Still pretty lumpy and uncomfortable, but lots of shearwaters to bring a little joy and take the mind off aching fingers for the next 14nm. Desert-like beaches approaching Cabo de Palos. Easy rounding then - after coffee stop and some time out - very easy sailing to San Pedro and rendezvous with local club sailors Chema and friends (sorry, names?), Frank, and David from local shop. Lots more photos and questions. A day of minor celebrity, and - despite the initial discomfort - nice sailing, though I feel so tired.