Bay of Naples

Submitted by jono on 09 Aug 2018.

Good following breezes and good fortune on land, meeting nice people, sleeping on the beach, sailing clubs, beach clubs... The late start and late finishes working well. No wind in the mornings anyway.

Yesterday crossed the Bay of Napoli. Choppy seas with all the traffic, but good wind once past the northern headland, and unexpectedly - I really should check the map more carefully - spectacular coastline to the south. Shortly before the wind dried up I had spotted and decided to head for Praiano, guessing there would be a landing there. Not only a landing as it turned out, but the most open arms welcome imaginable from all at Onefire beach Gavitella.

Ha! Even writing this espresso and three little cakes have just turned up!

  • Few days ago. Circeo Mountain.
  • Circeo Mountain. Punta Rossa
  • Night before. Checking out Circeo mountain by night with Frank and friends
  • San Felice Circeo - repair, coffee stop, and hello to SUP crew
  • Offshore winds, footballs floating out to sea, and a duck...
  • Nice evening with Silvia Mauro family and friends
  • No drone no problem
  • Fishing boat
  • Thanks to Donato and kitesurf centre
  • Approach to Naples Bay first headland. A bit painful...
  • Island of Capri, off the southern headland of the Bay of Naples
  • Praiano
  • Onefire beach Gavitella
  • Onefire beach Gavitella
  • Onefire beach Gavitella
  • Onefire beach Gavitella - cakes and coffee whilst posting these pics. Important to take nutrition seriously
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