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Yoghurt! Flamingo flavour. Cold nights, slow days, lots of kindness, and a coastline to enjoy these last 100 miles of Greece.Single digit mileage brings compensations. Still chipping away...Mt Athos the last finger. Worst 'port' ever (=a cave). Next day swell and yuk. Coastguard  came and said OK to stay at monastery. Night with the monks. About to set sail again :)Sunset arrival on middle finger of Halkidiki.  Unexpected honey delivery. Draining off the best bit for breakfast.  Only a litre to go...Pic of last night's sail bivvy camp spot. Today paddled away, and the Aegean soon became plenty uncomfortable. Very light headwind. Slog. Imagining roast dinners... Last few miles difficult indeed with horribly crossed swells. Reward for efforts a town with harbour for easy landing and - at last! - a taverna open and serving food!
Tough day, and new holes in sail from efforts, but also received news that a replacement Severne Turbo GT sail will be built to complete the remainder of the expedition. In the meantime I'll keep looking after this one, and hope it does the same for me.
Thanks to @Severnesails and @Tushinghamsales for lifting the spirits! Happy Friday!With menorcan friends @billyjamesesp25 @tonialles @alvaro_esp28 at @t293class Europeans. Lovely atmosphere, was sad to leave, you are all so nice! #greece #greatbritain #spain #russia #slovakia #turkey #norway #everybodyOn the way to church, island of Elafonisos, Greece, with the ducks.Paddling yesterday: slow but with compensations. Colours of Kefalonia. 
Cove 4nm NW of Lefkes headland.Last night's camp and this morning's sail. Ionian Sea, Calabria, Italy.An early start to catch the land
breeze, benefit from a flat sea, and move 7nm in the right direction. Nice place for the wind to dry up :)Wonderful varied days. From the metropolis of Marseille, to offshore islands and a chaos of yachts, the highest cliffs in france, such nice encounters wherever I touch land, and - becalmed - finding this gem of a beach to overnight on.Got fed up with wet shorts!
Thanks to Club Nautique Narbonne-Plage for welcome, place at the table, and berth on a boat.
Liberté, égalité, fraternité. Vive la France!