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Greece > North Macedonia > (and back into) Bulgaria. Some big climbs allowing for high up and cooler nights, before undoing all the effort in the morning! Roadside showers and fruit trees. Terrain now becoming more arid. A little challenge each day. Nights in nature under the stars. #eurovelo13 #genesisbikesukCycling now. Pic of last night's stopping place, after quite a long climb, but with the pleasant cool of altitudeThis picture is from a sand spit on the Romanian side of the Danube delta, which is a Unesco Biosphere Reserve. I just shared it to my dear friend Edhem Dirvana:
[11:59, 30/5/2019] Edhem Dirvana: We are gonna make that change happen
[11:59, 30/5/2019] Edhem Dirvana: You, me, Greta
[11:59, 30/5/2019] Edhem Dirvana: We are the winds of change
[11:59, 30/5/2019] Edhem Dirvana: Our generation will change it 
Yes, but we must move beyond platitudes and green-washing. Radical change NOW to prevent calamity. Action TODAY in defence of our amazing planet. Together we are many. Be heard and join the fight!Nice empty bit of Ukraine coastline. Have reached Romania. Update on website and on Facebook @jonodunnettFirst sail second leg. Departure from beautiful Odessa. Wind still against. But low ground, shallow sea, beaches, and stable wind make for much easier sailing than eastern Turkey. 25nm today, which translates to about 100km distance sailed. Pizza for tea. Sleeping bag too hot and mosquitos!! Excellent day though, and Euro vote cast (by proxy). 1) surf centre Odessa
2) low cliffs
3) about 10 hours in, continuous
4) sailed until duskGot lucky with a following wind and 10 pain free miles yesterday morning. Then gently paddled 6 (looking after hurting fingers), before the sails of Turgut Kiran Maritime Faculty Sailing Club came into view. A tiny breeze arrived for the final mile. Thanks to Captain Idris and all the trainees for a wonderful welcome. Shocked to see there is only 60nm of Turkish coastline to go...Old Men of the Sea. My gear safely tucked away in the fisherman's port in Trabzon. Chap on the right is 88 years, and showed me his ID to prove it. I asked about the fishing. "Not as many fish now, too many nets." After nine hours sailing and paddling, for just 15nm, made it to a nice little port, but short of where I had the offer of a place to stay. These young men of the sea came to find me with offering of 'pide' for dinner.

Feeble headwinds mean no easy miles lately, but have been well looked after for a few nights before this. Thanks @aksularotel Trabzon, and Hotel Salacik Pasha Akcaabat.WindSUP Round Europe... Thanks to Turkish coastguard for offer of help and taking pic. Thanks to Ali and Miktatt for a place to stay at the port, and a shower.Q & A with Team Optimist at Samsun Sailing Club. Tessakur Gökhan and Gülşah. 
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@samsunyelken @samsuntenisWeekly update posted. See Sea looking suitably dark (but good for some easy miles today). Pics and drone buzz from Semih the Journalist.Inebolu! Time to make a few miles