Expedition start confirmed 20th May

Submitted by jono on 19 May 2017.

A short post this. Tomorrow I head to the border with Russia to start the journey round Europe. There has been a slight delay, partly caused by the road to the start point being closed, partly by calm conditions, and partly by a desire to give Spring a few days longer to arrive.

But my excuses have now run out. The Norwegian army are sorting out the transport issue and there is a decent northerly breeze due.

So, tomorrow is the official start day. As of early afternoon expect to see the tracker making progress.

My particular thanks to Hurtigruten for getting me up here, and for locals Dag Norum and Helene Erlandsen who made me believe this adventure was achievable - without them I'd never have made it this far.

Below a few pics from the last few days.

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